Civil Division Services & Fees

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit enforces a variety of civil processes within Santa Clara County. Please see the list below for the services offered by our office and the associated fees.

The Civil Unit is open Monday - Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Civil personnel can be reached by telephone, fax, or in person at Sheriff’s Headquarters.

Tel: (408) 808-4800
Fax: (408) 998-0636
Address: 55 West Younger Ave. San Jose CA 95110

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit may perform the following services. Most service requests require a fee and/or deposit. The Sheriff may require additional deposit funds to complete certain services. Fees and deposits must be received prior to service (Court ordered Fee Waivers only waive Sheriff’s fees). Click on the service you want to request to find additional information and the required documents for service.

Services Performed By the Sheriff

Restraining Orders (with statutory or Court ordered Fee Waiver) NO CHARGE
Denied orders with Notice of Hearing: Workplace Violence and Civil Harassment $50.00
Evictions $180.00
Levy and Sell Real Property $2000.00
Writ of Attachment - Real Property $500.00
8-Hour Keepers $300.00
48-Hour Keepers


Levy and Sell Personal Property $2000.00
Till Tap $125.00
Wage Garnish (EWO) - certified mail $60.00
Safe Deposit Box $170.00
Claim and Delivery $2000.00
Levy and Turn Over $125.00

Services Requiring a Registered Process Server (RPS)

Wage Garnish (EWO) $45.00
Bank, Book, or Third-Party Levy $50.00
Writ of Attachment - Bank, Third Party $50.00

Fees for Incomplete or Cancelled Services

Common Levies (per posting) $50.00
"Not Found" Attempts $50.00
Wage Garnish (EWO) $45.00
Evictions prior to Posting $100.00
Keeper Non-Service $75.00

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit does not perform other services unless listed above. Exceptions will be addressed pursuant to a California Superior Court order.

Service attempts will be based on information provided by the service requestor. The Sheriff is entitled to fees whether service is successful or not.

Government Code Section 26746 authorizes the Sheriff to collect a $15.00 assessment from the Judgement Debtor for each disbursement under Writs of Attachment, Execution, Possession, or Sale.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office accepts payment via
Certified or Cashier’s Check
Business Check
Money Order
Court Ordered Fee Waiver

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