Media Access to Jail Inmates

The Sheriff's Office frequently receives interview requests from the media to interview jail inmates. The following is the process for any media outlet to follow to interview anyone in-custody:

  • Visit the "Inmate Finder" link on the Sheriff's Office webpage to determine if the person you want to interview is in custody.
  •  If the subject is still in-custody and has NOT been arraigned in court, then contact the Media Relations Unit to determine if the inmate will allow a media interview.
  • If the inmate declines, no interview will take place.  Once an inmate declines on being interview he will not be asked again.
  • If the inmate has already been to court and/or already retained an attorney, we will not allow an interview to take place without the inmate's attorney's written consent. 

Please contact the Media Relations Unit if you have any questions about the process.

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