Training & Compliance Division

The Training and Compliance Division oversees all aspects of professional growth and development for Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office personnel. The mission of the Training and Compliance Division is to provide creative and collaborative training resources and opportunities to employees of the Sheriff’s Office; to ensure state and agency specific mandated training is tracked efficiently to ensure compliance, update agency policies and procedures as needed, and facilitate the Regional Justice Training Academies of the Sheriff’s Office.  The division is composed of five distinct training programs encompassing a wide variety of training

  • The Santa Clara County Justice Training Center
  • Field and Jail Training Program
  • In-Service Training
  • Regional Driver Training Center
  • The Regional Firearms Training Facility

All Sheriff's Office personnel must complete either the California Peace Officer Standards or Training Basic Academy Course or the California Standards and Training for Corrections Core Course. These basic academy training courses are administered by certified instructors and Sheriff's Office Recruit Training Officers (RTO). 

Once the new peace officer graduates from the Basic Academy, they will go through an extensive Field Training Program or Jail Training Program. Well qualified peace officers instruct new deputies on the day-to-day responsibilities of a peace officer. 

The Training & Compliance Division also puts on several annual in-service trainings.  These courses include De-Escalation, Tactical Communication, Crisis Intervention, Use of Force, Defensive Tactics, Driving, First Aid/CPR, Implicit Bias, Blue Courage, Mindfulness, etc. All of these courses are regulated by the California POST and STC for the Enforcement and Custody Bureaus, respectively.

​​​Enforcement Training Inquiries
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Custody Training Inquiries
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​​Contact Captain Adam Oberdorfer
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The Richey Training Center
155 W. Hedding Street
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: (408) 918-4950
Alternate: (408​) 918-4951
Fax: (408) 271-1375​

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