Special Operations

Special Operations - officers with helicopter

The Special Operations Division encompasses the Air Support Unit, California Multi-Jurisdictional Methamphetamine Enforcement Team (Cal-MMET), Intelligence Unit, and Marijuana Eradication Team (MET).  We strive to establish a wide, collaborative, consistent and coordinated approach to abating criminal activity and narcotics trafficking with an emphasis on enforcement, intelligence gathering, investigation, prosecution, intervention and prevention.

Special Operation also oversees all specialized teams in the Office of the Sheriff. Deputies assigned to this teams are trained in the following areas

  • Bomb Squad responds to all requests for response or investigation related to explosive devices, Military Ordnance, Fireworks, or Post-Blast Investigation within the county. The technicians are also qualified to handle hazardous materials.
  • Sheriff's Emergency Response Team - S.E.R.T. is utilized in the resolution of extraordinary criminal incidents that are beyond the general response capabilities of basic patrol operations and that warrant a coordinated tactical team approach.  They also assist other Sheriff’s divisions with crime suppression, service of high risk search and arrest warrants, as well as provide advanced training and special security operations.
  • Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) CNT members provide expertise in establishing and maintaining communications during crisis situations involving barricaded suspects, hostage takers, and individuals considered a danger to themselves or others.
  • Canine Unit K9 handlers and their partners are trained in Apprehension, Drug Detection, and Explosive Detection. The K9 Team regularly assists in Patrol, Custody, and Investigations. 
  • Underwater Search Unit (USU) The Sheriff’s Underwater Search Unit was developed to establish the capability for the underwater search of evidence, victims of water related incidents, and removal of nuisance items within the 139 rivers and slews, 313 small reservoirs, and 21 large reservoirs of the County.
  • Sheriff's Off-Road Enforcement (SORE) The SORE team’s primary mission is to provide this county’s off-highway and rural areas with law enforcement service.  In addition, the team is used for special event security, search and rescue, and traffic enforcement.
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Search and Rescue (SCCSSAR) Team's mission is to provide highly trained search and rescue resources to local, County, State and Federal Government Agencies in times of emergency. 
  • Crowd Control Unit (CCU) The CCU’s mission is to provide a rapid response to civil unrest in planned or unplanned events. It is the responsibility of the Crowd Control Unit to provide safety and security to those exercising their First Amendment Right as well as those that reside and work in our communities.

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Special Operations Division
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