Records Services with NO FEES

Some services have fees associated with them, while others do not. Complete and submit the records request form for any type of records request.

Informal Bookings - No Fee
Fingerprints are required on criminal charges for court calendaring and for sending recordable charges to Department of Justice and the FBI. Subjects requiring such fingerprints may come in at any time to get this done and no appointments are required. Informal booking services are provided for criminal citations issued by the Sheriff’s Office, CHP, and San Jose State University or court ordered bookings.  Subjects are to bring in any paperwork related to this booking and valid identification.

Report Releases – No fee (reports fewer than 50 pages; All Photos & CDs - $5.00)
The public may request a copy of an incident report taken by the Sheriff’s Office. They may fill out the request form online and bring it to the Sheriff’s Office for processing or come in and fill one at the Records window. They will need to indicate their involvement in the incident. For people representing involved parties they must bring a business card or a notarized letter of representation. All requests are reviewed by the Detective Division and can only be released upon their approval. There may be exceptions on non-injury accident reports where they may be released at the time of request. No fee will be collected for a copy of a crime report with fewer than 50 pages. A fee of 10 cents a page will be charged for reports of 50 pages or more.

Restraining Orders - No Fee
Sheriff Records Department is the repository for all Restraining Orders issued by Santa Clara County Courts and is responsible for entering them into Department of Justice’s Restraining Order System for law enforcement information only. The Sheriff’s Office does not release Restraining Order information to public; they are directed to obtain this information from the County Court that issued the order. The same applies to Proofs of Service on Restraining Orders by public. They need to submit Proofs of Service to the respective Court. For service of Domestic Violence Restraining Orders click on CIVIL DIVISION or navigate to the homepage.

Repossession of Vehicles - No Fee
Legal owners needing a release of a vehicle for the purpose of repossession shall provide papers showing their “Intent to Repossess." You will need to fill out a Sheriff’s Office form verifying repossession. You will also need to possess a valid driver’s license. If you are representing the legal owner, you need to produce a “Hold Harmless” letter verifying that you have been authorized to repossess the vehicle.

Warrant information - No Fee
Warrant information is available for anyone who requests it at the Records window. You will need to provide the name and date of birth of the subject on whom the warrant check is being done. If the warrant check is for someone else, we are only able to provide information on warrants held by our office.

If the warrant check is on yourself then you must produce proper identification at the time of the request. A complete warrant check will be done and you will be advised on how to take care of the warrant. Your options may be to sign up for a court date, post and forfeit bail, pay bail and get a court date, post bond through a bails bondsman or be booked at the main jail. For warrants over $5,000.00, you will need to post bail in order to get a court date. On criminal warrants requiring fingerprinting, you will need to be fingerprinted before you leave with your Notice To Appear paperwork.

Law Enforcement Background Checks - No Fee
We conduct applicant background checks for law enforcement agencies at no cost. A valid signed waiver of applicant with complete name and date of birth is required. Requests must be on the law enforcement agency’s letterhead specifying the position being applied for and complete name of requester. The request may be mailed or faxed. For additional information and fax number please call the Records Back Counter at (408) 808-4705 Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm.

Registrants – Arson, Gang, Narcotic, Sex - No Fee
Subjects who have been classified as an Arson, Gang, Narcotic or Sex Registrants are required by law to register with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over their place of residence. Registrants may come in at any time to update their registration information and must to do in compliance with the time frame established for each category.

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