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Academy Instructor Certification Course (AICC) – 40 Hours

This class is designed for new Academy instructors. It covers skills to plan for, and facilitate interactive, learn-centered training. Attendees will be able to create lessons plans, activities, thinking questions, and evaluation techniques for classroom use. Students will apply adult learning concepts and critical thinking concepts to develop targeted learning objectives. As per PAM 1082(e), attendees will be familiar with classroom safety protocols, legal issues, the Instructor Development Institute curriculum and the roles/responsibilities of law enforcement instructors. Attendees’ skills will be measured with oral and written assessments.

Boating Safety & Operations for Inland Waters – 40 Hours
This course provides attendees with the requisite training consistent with federal standards and tactical training for Basic Boating Operations related to Law Enforcement Inland Marine Operations for Recreational Boating and Safety Enforcement Training. The class content includes Boating Nomenclature, Laws Governing Waterways, Required Equipment for recreational and law enforcement operations, Vessel - trailer transpiration, Vessel launch and recovery, Basic Deck Hand and Coxswain responsibilities, Marline spiking, Basic Boating Operational skills, Boating Law enforcement stop techniques, counterterrorism practices and procedures, Coast Guard Vessel inspections for required safety equipment, Boating Under the Influence enforcement, Vessel assist-Towing, and Emergency/Rescue operations.  

Crisis Intervention Training – 40 Hours
This 40-hour course will provide peace officers and dispatchers with the skills and knowledge to recognize individuals with mental illness, identify potential disorders, and to minimize escalations when in contact with mentally-ill individuals. Training focuses on developing safe techniques for approaching the mentally-ill, communication skills, de-escalation techniques, suicide risk factors, and cultural issues. Course meets the minimum topics of SB29 & PC 13515.28(a)(1).

Crisis Intervention Update – 8 Hours
This course will provide public safety officers, law enforcement officers, probation personnel, and dispatchers the skills and knowledge to recognize individuals with mental illness, identify potential disorders, minimize escalations in contacts with the mentally ill, and apply guidelines for writing a 5150. This course is periodically updated with current diagnosis information, medication information, and communication techniques.  

Drug Influence/11550 H&S Refresher – 8 & 4 Hours
This course provides peace officers with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively identify the eight drug classifications and the symptomology of each classification. This training includes developing the requisite knowledge to conduct field sobriety tests and correlate test results to a drug's physiology. Students will practice field tests and evaluating the science and symptoms of drug indicators.  

Implicit Bias & Community Policing – 16 Hours
This course will provide students with the skills and knowledge to recognize their own implicit biases when dealing with people. The student will understand the social-psychological research implicit biases. Training focuses on developing techniques on recognizing that everyone has implicit biases and how not to allow them to impact the decisions we make. The student will recognize that one of the most reliable strategies for successful contacts with individuals from differing cultural, racial, or ethnic backgrounds is to treat all individuals and groups with dignity and respect.  


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