Marijuana Eradication Team (MET)


The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Eradication Team was formed in June of 2002.  It is funded by the Marijuana Suppression Program (MSP) grant from the California Emergency Management Agency (CAL EMA) and the Domestic Cannabis Eradication / Suppression Program (DCE/SP), which is funded by the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

The team is comprised of a full time sergeant and deputy, as well as 8 deputies that assist as a collateral duty.  Members are trained in all facets of marijuana investigations.  This training includes, aerial spotting, marijuana horticulture, cultivation trends, investigative techniques, expert witness testimony, search warrant execution, arrest tactics, medical marijuana laws and report writing.

MET Objectives

  • Eradication of marijuana gardens

  • Identification, apprehension and successful prosecution of violators

  • Assist other law enforcement agencies concerning marijuana investigations

  • Educate the community concerning the hazards associated with marijuana cultivation

  • Educate law enforcement concerning medical marijuana issues

Marijuana Cultivation Hazards

The majority of domestically grown marijuana occurs in California on public land.  The sale of marijuana is a very lucrative business and most marijuana related violence is associated with cultivation.  Law enforcement frequently confronts armed suspects in marijuana gardens.  In recent years there has been approximately one shooting each  grow season involving marijuana cultivators in California.

gun confiscated marijuana



hillside marijuana


hillside plant marijuana

Environmental Concerns

Illegal use of pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers and dumping of trash and human waste occur in conjunction with marijuana cultivation.  Related crimes such as poaching, theft of livestock and diversion of waterways result in endangered wildlife, degradation of water quality, erosion and severe harm to the ecosystem.

marijuana waste

Reporting Information

If you discover signs of marijuana cultivation…STOP, take careful note of your surroundings and leave the area.  Do NOT confront possible suspects.  The best way to assist law enforcement is to report:

  • Location (marked on a map)

  • Description of observations

  • Descriptions of people / vehicles in the area

  • Vehicle license plates

  • When (date and time)

indoor rows marijuana


indoor shelves marijuana

Contact Information

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Eradication Team can be reached at 408-808-4420  (you may remain anonymous).  Maps, diagrams, GPS coordinates and tips may be faxed to 408-293-5192 or emailed to: [email protected] .​

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