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First Responder Sterilizer

The Santa Clara County Office of the Sheriff has secured the first of several First Responder Ozone sterilizing machines to assist with the decontamination of our vehicles, vans, buses and other small-enclosed areas. These sterilizing units are state of the art machines that sterilize surfaces using Ozone gas.

Ozone gas is capable of destroying a wide range of pathogens, without the need for handling hazardous chemicals. The machines work by producing oxygen atoms in the form of Ozone gases that destroy viruses, bacteria, fungus, prions, etc. by destroying the pathogen’s cellular makeup. Ozone gas is very effective against viruses, including Coronavirus.

We are working diligently to create parameters and safety procedures for these machines, and we plan to begin utilizing them soon to create a safer environment for our staff. When we establish the operating parameters for these machines, we plan to share this technology with our first responder partners countywide.  Click the link below for more information.

First Responder Sterilizer


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