Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Licenses

The Sheriff may issue a concealed weapons license to law-abiding residents of Santa Clara County who are not prohibited from possessing, owning, or purchasing a firearm capable of being concealed upon his or her person, and comply with the provision of Penal Code Sections 26150–26225.

In accordance with PC §26150(a), and subject to department procedures, residents of Santa Clara County may submit an application to the Sheriff's CCW Unit.

Please note that police chiefs also have the authority to grant CCW licenses to residents of their cities. If you are a resident of an incorporated city within Santa Clara County, the Sheriff’s Office encourages you to apply to your police chief for a CCW license.

Applications will be individually investigated. An applicant interview will be required as part of this investigation. Applicants should be reminded that all information disclosed in the application may be subject to public disclosure. Applicants are encouraged to read the application packet in its entirety. The initial application process consists of a series of steps.

The possession of a license to carry a concealed weapon is subject to revocation by either the Sheriff or the California Attorney General's Office when licensees are found to be in violation of policy or legal statutes. The possession of a license to carry a concealed weapon does not exempt any individual from criminal prosecution or civil liability, other than the act of carrying the specific firearm(s) within the State of California. The issuance of a license to carry a concealed weapon does not excuse or justify any behavior that might otherwise be a violation of any law pertaining to weapons. The Sheriff may place restrictions on any license that the Sheriff deems warranted. The restrictions may include the time, place, manner, and circumstances under which the licensee may carry the weapon.

If you are interested in applying for a CCW permit, please complete the online application.

If you need any technical support for your online application, please e-mail Permitium support.

If you have any questions, please call (408) 808-4942 or e-mail the Sheriff's Office CCW mailbox.

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