Office of the Sheriff

The Civil Warrants Division serves Civil process in the manner prescribed by law. Civil process includes restraining orders, bench warrants, arrest warrants, evictions and any other notice or order from the courts. We also levy on wages, bank accounts, vehicles or any asset of the judgment debtor. 

The Civil Warrants Division is comprised of 15 Deputies, 1 Sergeant, 1 Lieutenant, and 9 Civilian staff. In addition to their Civil responsibilities, the sworn members of the unit are responsible for identifying and apprehending subjects that have active criminal warrants. Each sworn member of the unit gathers leads, conducts surveillance, and ultimately apprehends wanted fugitives within Santa Clara County and abroad. 

Many fugitives from justice elect to flee to another state in an attempt to avoid apprehension. This decision to flee creates additional work for Law Enforcement Officers charged with their apprehension. The Civil Warrants Division is responsible for tracking and extraditing these fugitives back to Santa Clara County.

Once a fugitive is located, the Deputies must prepare the proper paperwork and make the necessary arrangements to return the fugitive to Santa Clara County.  This effort may even involve securing a Governor’s Warrant for a fugitive who chooses to fight the extradition process. Deputies will travel throughout the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico to return wanted fugitives back to Santa Clara County.


55 W. Younger Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110 (2nd Floor)
Mon, Tue, and Thur 9:00am to 3:00pm
Phone: (408) 808-4800
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