Best in the West 2020


Best in the West logo - Annual S.W.A.T. Competition: The Gifford Foundation Presents - Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office


The 2020 Best in the West Invitational S.W.A.T. Competition

will be held April 30th & May 1, 2020

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Course Summary, Rules, Scoring and Required Equipment

Best in the West Timeline:          


​4/30/20 Thursday ​0500hrs ​Range Opens
4/30/20 Thursday ​0600-0700 ​Team Registration ​Pad 3 (Main Pad)​
4/30/20 Thursday ​0700-0715 ​Opening Ceremonies ​Pad 3 (Main Pad) 
4/30/20 Thursday ​0715-0730 ​Team Leader Meeting ​Lower Classroom
4/30/20 Thursday ​0800-1200 ​Events  (Ranges cold @ 1200) ​Various Ranges
4/30/20 Thursday ​1100-1300 ​Lunch ​BBQ Pit Area
4/30/20 Thursday ​1300-1700 ​Events (Ranges cold @ 1700) ​Various Ranges
4/30/20 Thursday ​1730-2030 ​All Teams BBQ​ ​Coyote Ranch
5/1/20 Friday ​0700-1200 ​Events (Ranges cold @ 1200) ​Various Ranges
5/1/20 Friday ​1100-1300 ​Lunch ​BBQ Pit Area
5/1/20 Friday ​1300-1500 ​Events (Ranges cold @ 1500) ​Various Ranges
5/1/20 Friday ​1500-1600 ​Awards Presentation ​Pad 3 (Main Pad)

Course Summary

Two-Man Combat: Two operators, working together, will complete a live-fire course consisting of obstacles, such as walls, ladders, bars and windows while shooting reactive and static targets with both handguns and rifles. The three pair’s scores will be combined for a team score.

Team Assault: The team will complete a simmuition cartridge-marking scenario, including an assault of a structure using tactics and decision making. You may bring your own simunition weapons or replacement bolts.

Physical Challenge: The team will complete a timed physical course which will include both strength and endurance exercises and challenges. 

Vehicle Assault: The entire team will complete a live-fire scenario, including an assault of a vehicle using tactics and decision making. 

Sniper Course: This event will test sniper and team marksmanship.

Top Gun: Individually, operators will negotiate a live-fire course testing proficiency in several different weapons, including their primary weapon, hand gun and a shotgun. Each member will be timed separately

Opening Day Information

  1. Registration begins at 0600 hours on Thursday, April 30th, at the Sheriff’s Office Range.
  2. Opening Ceremonies begin at 0700 hours. Events start at approximately 0800 hours.
  3. There will be a mandatory Team Leaders’ meeting immediately following the Opening Ceremonies (0715-0730 hours). Rules, requirements and administrative details will be covered.
  4. Lunch will be provided on both days for all attendees.
  5. Parking will be limited. NO MORE than two vehicles (including Command Vehicle) per team may park at the SO Range itself. All other vehicles must park in the parking lot of the public range at the bottom of the hill and use the Van Shuttle Service to get to the SO Range.


  1. All teams will consist of six participants and, if desired, one alternate.
  2. All team members must be full-time members of your department.
  3. All team members must be qualified members of your department’s S.W.A.T. unit.
  4. If an alternate is used to replace a team member (for injury, court, etc.), that alternate will remain on the team for the duration of the competition.  Substitutions must be approved by our Command Staff, via the Tracking Officer.
  5. If a team drops below six members, the score for the missing team member(s) shall be the slowest overall time posted for that event, plus thirty seconds.
  6. All team members must wear department uniforms (BDU’s and boots).  NO tennis shoes.
  7. No loading / unloading of weapons in the parking area.
  8. Competitors’ weapons will be unloaded at all times, until ordered to load by a Safety Officer.  Long guns will be transported with the action locked back and magazine removed.
  9. In the event of a Negligent Discharge, all activity at that location will cease.  Our Range Master will be summoned and an initial inquiry will be conducted.
  10. No silvertip ammo or sabot rounds will be allowed.
  11. All basic Range Safety Rules will be followed at all times.  Event Safety Officers will ensure that all weapons are handled in a safe manner.  Violations may result in the disqualification of an individual; major violations may result in team disqualification.
  12. Any observation by Event Staff that indicates a competitor or team is intentionally attempting to manipulate the rules to their advantage will result in the following:  Individual(s) involved, along with their Team Leader, will meet with Event Staff and have a brief discussion concerning the actions in question.  Team Leaders will be allowed to handle the incident on their level.  Subsequent violations will result in a Team disqualification.
  13. Any weapon suffering a malfunction will be cleared by the competitor and he/she will complete the course.  Time will continue to run during malfunction clearings.  If the competitor is unable to clear the malfunction, time will stop.  Our Range Master will check the weapon for cause.  If due to breakage, the competitor may be allowed to re-run the course.  If due to improper care, the competitor will be given the overall lowest score for that course, plus thirty seconds.
  14. Any weapon suffering three (3) malfunctions will be removed from the competition.
  15. Any protest is to be addressed by the Team Leader only to the Event Staff running that event.  Any protest to Event Staff by any person other than the Team Leader will result in team disqualification from that event.  It is up to Event Staff to determine if the protest will be reviewed by our Command Staff.
  16. Event Staff will go over each event’s specific rules and guidelines with each team prior to the team actually running the event.
  17. Event Staff must be informed of all injuries, no matter how slight.  Medics are available on-site.
  18. No “event hopping.”  You will complete events in the order you are assigned them.  ANY changes in the assigned matrix will come ONLY from our Command Post.
  19. If you are more than 30 minutes late arriving at an event, you will be DQ’d from that event.


  1. Each event is a timed event.  Times will be calculated to 1/100th of a second.  The timekeeper’s clock is the official clock.
  2. Ties will be broken only if they affect 1st, 2nd or 3rd place finishes for each event.  In the event of a tie, the individuals who have tied will complete the course again.
  3. For events run individually, a combined score will be added together to make up the overall team score.


  1. Full uniforms, including shirts, eye protection, ear protection and ballistic vests are required at all events.
  2. All individual tactical equipment that you would bring to an actual call-out is required.
  3. Ammo needs, PER TEAM:
    600 rounds for entry rifles, 300 rounds for handguns, and 50 rounds for snipers.
  4. One Ram and Pry Bar per team and at least one flash bang per team member.
  5. A rifle range will be available to sight in sniper rifles prior to the competition ONLY for those teams that have had to travel by air to attend.  Contact us in advance so arrangements can be made with Range Staff.  Weapon Optics WILL NOT be sighted the day of the events.



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